Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disney Memories #2

In this series, we'll highlight some of our memories of Disney past. We hope you enjoy reliving old attractions, shows, and experiences with us!

Andy Mation

Peter with Pluto!
Courtney's family loved visiting MGM back in the day to visit Andy Mation. Andy Mation, aka Carl Skenes,  was a balloon artist but he didn't make your typical poodle, he created Disney Characters! Andy Mation could be found over in the Animation Courtyard of MGM throughout the day. Courtney's family made many trips to see him and were lucky to take home a few of his creations. Not only would Andy make the balloon characters but he would also entertain the crowd with Disney trivia about the character he was making. For instance, what are the only two words Pluto has spoken? (answer at the end of the post) Andy Mation was a great addition to MGM and is truly missed. 

Did you ever have a chance to see Andy Mation? What character did he make you?

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*Pluto's two spoken words were "Kiss Me"*

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